Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Crown of Adamant, Solid and Enduring

Hello, it’s a been a while. Sorry I haven’t posted as much as I intended and this won’t be much of a post either. It’s been a bit of a rough going the last couple of months, there have been a couple of hard personal losses followed up with a knee surgery and some complications there. I won’t bore you with the tragedy, I am just going to say it has been a hard couple of months and very, very draining physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Pretty much any other -ly you can think of as well.

I have fallen behind on a couple of projects but barring any other unexpected trips to the hospital, or graveyard, or other house of misery (please, whatever minor diety I have offended, accept my most humble apologies) things should be back to a more normal schedule over the coming couple of weeks.

As to this post, I am going thank my¬†friend Kenton, because it was his own blog post I read today that encouraged and inspired me greatly. I am going to add the quote that spoke best to me, bringing tears to my eyes (though I readily admit that my emotions are razor-burn raw these days) – even though the quote comes from John C. Wright’s blog. It’s a circuitous journey, but one I hope you find worth taking.

I write for that one reader I will never see, the one who needs just such a tale as I can pen, in just such a time and place, some rainy afternoon or dark hour, when providence will bring my book into his hands. And he will open it, and it will not be a book, but a casement, from which he will glimpse the needed vision his soul requires of a world larger than our own, or a star in a heaven wider and higher than ours, a star aflame with magic more majestic than any star mortal astronomers can name.

I humbly but strongly suggest you write for that unknown reader also, and not for worldly praise, or influence, or pelf, or applause. The world flatters popular authors, and the clamor of the multitude of brazen tongues is vanity. It is dust on the wind. The unknown reader will greet your work with love. It is a crown of adamant, solid and enduring.