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Friday Fantasy Escape – Welcome to Arkham!

One of my favorite things about being a reader (and a writer, of course) is seeing how imagination is contagious. How the best books are really just starting points and they end up inspiring people in different ways. A new irregular feature I am going to around here is my Friday Fantasy Escape where I showcase something cool that is someone taking an idea and running with it in their own specific way.

This first one I am going to lead off this series with is this fantastic tour of a model railroad HP Lovecraft’s Arkham! Lovecraft has been such an inspiration to me personally as well as to pretty much every genre writer of the last 60 years. A really cool thing to do is looking around for all of the little touches that make it Arkham-and all of the little Easter eggs that are hidden for other Lovecraft stories. It’s easy to get lost on this page (and the entire site!) so make sure to poke around at the other Lovecraft inspired model rail road pages off the main one. They are all amazing and make me wish I had time and space for a hobby like this. As opposed to the creatures from out of time and space that would pursue me if I did.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.57.58 PM

Some of my old school favorite writing resources

I’ve had a few people ask me recently what I like to keep close at hand while I write and edit and since a picture is worth a thousand words (and also a lot quicker) I thought I would just show you.

Writing stuff

Sure, the internet is a great tool and all, but it is also a great distraction and I find when I really dive in I usually turn off any internet connectivity so lo-fi beats wi-fi for me when it comes to productivity. What about you, any tools and tips you find you can’t live without when you get to work? Let me know! I’m always looking to grow my toolbox!

Read a good book, do a good deed

With the holidays upon us it is natural to think about giving to others but it’s hard with everything else going on this time of year. Or maybe you really want to do something good but are kind of lazy and would rather just kick back with a good read. Maybe you just need a break from the negativity of the election season and want to read a good fantasy book. Or maybe you are super lazy (and poor) but want to feel good about yourself for making a real difference in the lives of some underprivileged here in the United States the price of a Starbucks coffee. The very talented author (and friend of mine) Kenton Kilgore has you covered no matter which of the above categories fit you.

For the entire month of December he will be donating 100% of the profits from the sale of both the e-books and the print copies of his book, the Dragontamer’s Daughters to a non-profit organization that helps provide running water to homes on a Navajo reservation in the American Southwest.

To buy the book, go here – ebook Version on Amazon | print version on Amazon

To read more about this go here – Author to donate profits to Navajo Water Project

To learn more about Kenton go here – Kenton’s webpage