It’s all success even when it’s not

I know, when you aren’t a big shot writer, it’s easy to imagine that we are all living it up like Hemingway, on some island paradise, knocking back the drinks, going on big game hunts (with cameras these days, because we’re cool like that), doing a bit of spying for our respective governments and generally living the lives we write about.


While that may be a true a few weeks out of the year for some of us, the rest of the writerly life is one of endurance and perseverance. Oh sure, you may think that the movie Rocky is about a boxer, but its really an allegory for the life of a writer. You get hit. A lot. You get back up and you keep punching those keys. What comes out is sloppy and its ugly but you keep going until the bell rings (that’s the deadline, by the way). Then you do another training montage – outline – get in the ring, write, okay yeah the metaphor is a little thin at this point.

Anyway, what I was getting at is that writing is ugly business and it is painful. The author you see on the shelves at the bookstore has likely been turned down several times (hundreds even!) before finding a home with a publisher. My friend and fellow writer Aeryn Rudel has decided to own this ugly side of the work with his very excellent blog Rejectomancy.  One of the really cool projects he has going there is a live-blogging called Real Time Rejection, which begins with The Journey of Story X. It has received a single rejection so far, and it will be interesting to follow along with it and see where it ends up. He also has some free stories up on his site, so go check him out, I think you’ll enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “It’s all success even when it’s not

    1. Patrick Post author

      You are quite welcome Aeryn. I love what you are doing over there! It’s strange, I am not sure whether I am rooting for Story X to be published so that I can see it in print or not so that I can continue to follow the story behind the story at this point 😉


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