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It should come as no surprise that a writer likes to read. One of the best worst (or worst best) things about the internet is that it allows things like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc, etc, etc (hereafter referred to simply as blogs) to exist. Blogs run the gamut from highly polished affairs where people edit and edit and edit their posts until they are basically ready to submit for print publication to word salad nonsense run-on sentence grammatical nightmares that would undoubtedly have Mrs. Bowen (my favorite English teacher of all time) shaking her head in dismay. The best, I find, tend to be somewhere in between. You get the raw emotion of something thrown out as a reaction to something someone read somewhere else, mixed with something someone also prepared ahead of time and cares about.

The blogs below are the ones I like to read because they are interesting, amusing, infuriating, are written by people I like, are intrigued by, have said things that piss me off, entertain me, made me think, or otherwise make me go back again and again – in the best case, all of the above. Also, good Lord, blah blah blah. Also again, there will be more blah blah blah below, because this list really is curated by me for things that I read when I have the time rather than just links I slap down.

Chuck Wendig is a the literary equivalent of a force of nature. He is a hyperbolic hurricane and his rants are over the top nsfw invectives of such creativity that they are often worth reading just for the poetry of the profanity. He’s also an incredibly prolific blogger and author, and is pretty interactive on twitter. He is a great example of what I call a blue collar author.

Larry Correia is the creator of the Monster Hunter International Series and is another very outspoken (and prolific) author. Honestly, I have no idea how Larry and Chuck have time to do writing with all of their blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting, but they do it and they do it well. Another great example of the blue collar author who just works it day in and day out.

Kenton Kilgore is a young adult sci-fi and fantasy writer with a really great blog geared toward self publishing and promoting, as well as just his personal creative process and life balance as a father and husband and aspiring/emerging/growing author. If you want to learn how to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself I’d recommend checking his blog out. He’s also a great guy and really approachable and loves to talk with people so if you have any questions about how he is doing things or his books or his articles (or charity work or gaming or whatever, just hit him up!)

Aeryn Rudel is a freelance writer and editor with a background in the games world. He writes primarily horror and fantasy, and his blog, Rejectomancy, is a fantastic view into the meat grinder world of short story submissions and publications. He has some of his work available there, but he also chronicles his own submissions and their (sometimes numerous) rejections. Additionally he has interviews with submissions editors and others involved with the process of bringing a story to publication. I highly recommend checking his site out.


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