The fine art of procrastination

They say write what you know, and I know the hell out of procrastination, so enjoy this a short article on procrastination.

You see, right now I have a writing project to be working on, and it is a project I like, and I have the basic outline and yet when I try to start writing my mind drifts, and much like a dog having the chain pulled it just makes me dig in my heels and resist.

I’ve checked Facebook and Twitter, as well as a couple of news sites. I have seen the outrageously outrageous things that are causing outrage on the internet. I have even checked my favorite conspiracy theory website (yes, I dabble in conspiracy theorizing on occasion).

I have reread my outline, thought “yeah this looks pretty good” and then gone to my local library site and checked out a new audiobook (“Stories of Your Life, and Others” by Ted Chiang – I’ll let you know how it is.)

Now, with all of that irreleventaeia done (new word, I like to make up words sometimes), I thought that I really needed to get down to the work of writing. And yet… here I am doing a post of procrastination as a form of procrastination. Living with inattentive ADHD is a real bitch, even on medication; sometimes it is hard to stay focused and remember my life skills for coping and overcoming it. However, my inner catholic is now making me feel guilty enough that I am ready to start writing. I think.

Anyway, I had been procrastinating starting up the blog again after the great nuclear accident that killed the old one, (pretty sure lots of these terms are going to get me flagged), because I felt that the first “new” post had to be wow amazing. So instead, you get this, because it is my blog, and my brain. Sorry about that.

Anyway, how do you know when you are procrastinating and what do you do to get over it?

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