The Man Who Flew From Earth

I was going to post my thoughts on Kylo Ren today, but they can wait a day or two. I woke up to the news that David Bowie passed on from this world.


I have a confession. I used to not be into David Bowie. At all. In fact, I kind of loathed him and his music. My mom was always super into him and I grew up exposed to him in all his magnificent incarnations. Call it the folly of youth. Call it misguided rebellion. Fortunately I grew out of it. I’m not sure whether it was Labyrinth or Cat People or the video to Little China Girl, or Major Tom, or when I finally saw the Man Who Fell To Earth but at some point it clicked with me what an amazing courageous creative force this man was.

He refused to be one thing, instead wildly living and pursuing. I still don’t like all of his music, nor all of his movies, nor all of his fashion statements, nor all of his lifestyle choices. Nor should I. That is awesome, and as it should be. He is an inspiration for creative courage in an age when the zeitgeist is as strong to conform as it has ever been. So take strength from the weird and the unlikably brave and create things that make people talk, because that is a kind of immortality.

Thanks mom, for being weird and wonderful and under appreciated, and exposing me to strange people like this all my life.

This is clearly an autobiographical obituary, so I can think of nothing better to leave you with, other than a final admonishment to be weird, be brave, and be creative.

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